God Shows Up

Every time Angela and I go to African Hope to lead our weekly prayer time, God shows up. Today was no exception. Today was Willam’s turn. William is one of the hardest working teachers in the school according to the Director of the School. This was his first time coming to the prayer. He came in with a bad leg and walked out with a healed leg.

Now, he did not just come to get his leg healed but to remove something much heavier. His son died many years ago and that broke his faith. Today he also walked away with joy in his heart.

His leg has a metal pin in the bone and every winter it flares up and he can barely walk. After we prayed for his healing, he asked me to have a private conversation with him. I did and he laid it all out. He wanted freedom from the struggle in his heart. I am not going to write all the things we talked about because it was a lengthy conversation. To sum it up, I told him that God is going to heal his leg today because He loves him. Without any strings attached to that promise.

I took him back into the prayer room and asked everyone to pray over his leg for the second time. It was healed instantly and all he could say was why? In 10 minutes that”why” turned into joy. He could not wait to call his wife back home and share with her what God has done for him.

Praise God!!!

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