Reality of Refugee Kids

Story by a student that I was grading today. Let’s say I was humbled by God!😔
Since the image is hard to read, here is the transcription:
“Is the journey that I wouldn’t forget in my life. As we know there was a war in 2017 in South Sudan. And many people died in the war and my journey started from there. It was midnight around 2 o’clock in Way. Suddenly our neighbors came and knocked on the door in a slow voice she said people are going out of town quick let’s go. I and the rest of my family went. On our way going for me and old cousin were crying we don’t know where we are going or in which place we are. The whole town were going too. It was dark, there wasn’t food, drink, and people were afraid. The weather was cool and people were angry and some children got lost for their parents. People were tired. If you want to drink water there are small pool dig and the water was dirty. Imagine that people in town in clean area drink for dirty water. But if you don’t want to drink you died.”

Written by a Sudan refugee who is in the 7th grade.

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