10 Incredible Super Powers of Jesus

With all the modern fiction stories in comic books and movies of heroes depicting God in some way, I decided to come up with a list of a hero like superpowers that Jesus had. And ultimately ending with the ultimate power that only God could possess. See the list below and the video explaining the stories of each supernatural act by Jesus.

  1. Walk on Water
    • Mark 6:45-56
  2. Control Weather
    • Mark 4:35-41
  3. Control Animal Kingdom
    • Luke 5:1-11
  4. Convert food
    • John 2:1-11
  5. Multiply food
    • John 6:1-14
  6. Heal people
    • Matthew 8:1-4
  7. Command Spirits
    • Matthew 8:28-33
  8. Talk to the Dead
    • Luke 9:28-36
  9. Revive people from the dead
    • John 11:38-53
  10. Power over death
    • Luke 24:39

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