Luke – Lesson 10

Class Book: 
In the Footsteps of Jesus –

Bible – Gospel of Luke

Lesson 10

WEEK 13-14

Read Ch 19b-24 Jesus enters Jerusalem. Create categories for the stories in this section. Checkmark what category each story falls under in the table below.

Categories: Declaration


Ch 19

The Triumphal Entry

Jesus at the Temple

Ch 20

The Authority of Jesus Questioned

The Parable of the Tenants

Paying Texas to Caesar

The Resurrection and Marriage

Whose Son Is the Christ?

Ch 21

The Widow’s Offering

Sings of the End of the Age

Ch 22

The Last Supper

Jesus Arrested 

Peter Disowns Jesus

Guards, Pilot and Herod

Ch 23

The Crucifixion, Death, & Burial

Ch 24

The Resurrection

On the Road to Emmaus

Jesus Appears to the Disciples

The Ascension

Interesting Things:




Kingdom of God





Final Week

Write a summary of this section: Use chapters 19b-24

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