Help with Overseas Moving Expenses to Albania


In 2017 Mark set foot in Egypt for the first time. Little did we know that only a year later, God would call us into Egypt as a family. Once the call was clear, we sold what we could and packed up, and left within a few months to Egypt. We didn’t know all the specifics, but we knew that our family was called to the mission field. God moved with great power as we ministered in Egypt during that season. That experience marked us forever. We had to come back to the US to figure out the financial side of the mission field.

At the beginning of 2021, God spoke again, it was time to go back. God gave us clear direction and vision for the season we were entering. The vision was to plant discipleship homes in unreached nations, starting with Egypt. With the support of several amazing partners, we were able to go back to Egypt.

In 2022 we launched our first discipleship home in Cairo. During that period we cried, felt sorrow, and were under pressure of all sorts but we experienced God do incredible things in this short amount of time. People were being freed, receiving peace and most importantly young men and women were becoming disciples of Jesus.

Now, in the beginning of 2023, God is opening doors for us to go and plant a second discipleship home in a new nation. We are fully invested in this vision, and we know that the time has come for our family to permanently move overseas to be able to accomplish this task. So with that, we will be moving overseas this spring. This will allow us to continue to support the work in Egypt, as well as start building discipleship homes in new nations. 

This will be a huge year of change for us but we are so excited for all that is to come! With this move comes a huge financial need, but we are believing the Lord will provide and make a way. We are looking to raise $33,000.

Here are the things that we need to finance:

  • 1st Month Rent and Deposit – $3,000
  • Travel Costs – $5,000
  • Furnishings – $15,000
  • Vehicle – $10,000

Would you pray and consider partnering with us as we sell everything, pack up our few belongings and answer God’s call in a new country? Become a part of a ministry in Muslim countries, where the next generation encounters Jesus.


  • Jan 1, 2023

    A new season begins …

  • Jan 17, 2023

    We have raised 10% of our campaign, Thank You so Much!!!

  • March 5, 2023

    We Thanks You and We Honor You. We raised 50% of our needs.

  • March 18, 2023

    We have reached 60% of our campaign. Thank You for your prayers and support!

$30,324 raised of $33,000

Give today and become part of what God is doing!

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