Read God’s Word

Jesus knew the scripture and quoted it many times. We read the scripture to comprehend what it says. And we contemplate on it to see how it transformed us or how it will transform us.

Experience God’s Word

God’s Word is God-breathed. We not only read the scripture but experience the breath of God as it extends into our life. This is the mystery of the word of God, it takes on more than just properties of text and comprehension of text. It is a living breath of God that extends towards us and transforms us.

Teach God’s Word

Jesus breathed on his disciples. You become the breath of God as you teach the Word of God to others. This is the power of the “Word of God”. The law is written on your heart and not just on the pages of a book.


You will carry the message of the Kingdom is at hand. People will hear the word of God extending from your breath.

People are trained and equipped to go and transform their families and community. They are on the path of becoming authentic leaders and living disciples of Christ.

People receive revelation of who Jesus is. They receive understanding of the power of God. They become living disciples of Jesus.

Sons and daughters are led to raise up the next generation of disciples who will further impact their communities and reach the world for Christ.


Send Donations

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Become a Volunteer

You can get involved today by becoming a Volunteer. Sign up and you will be joining a group of Kingdom-makers, a network strong enough to impact the Kingdom of God.

Support a Foreign Missionary

Your gift will help foreign missionaries in need to do the work that God has commissioned them to do. Make an investment of eternal value.

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