Help Sustain Cairo Discipleship Home – 2022


The idea was born to plant a discipleship home in Cairo. A discipleship home where living disciples will be formed. Love, truth, and the transforming power of the good news of Jesus Christ will be taught and practiced.

We grabbed a few guys and discipled them to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We gave them an opportunity to do something, to be in charge of a home where ministry happens. It’s rare to see young men run any ministry in those parts of the world. It’s equally rare to see young men accepting that kind of challenge as well. We believe in the young generation and we strive to make the next generation leaders and not just graduates from seminaries.

We have a house where young Jesus lovers are living and leading the next generation. We need to sustain this house spiritually and financially. We have the mentoring covered now what is left is the financial part.

Here are the things that we need to finance.

  • Apartment Rent – $250/mn
  • Apartment Utilities – $100/mn
  • Leaders Financial Support – $500/mn
  • Program Costs – $100/mn
  • Office Expenses – $50/mn

Become a part of a ministry in a Muslim country where the next generation encounters Jesus.


  • March 28, 2022

    We have rented the place. Today was moving day 📦

    And now the adventure begins at our new discipleship home 🏠

  • June 3, 2022

    Update on Ministry home: We FINALLY got another place!!!

    If you did not know we were kicked out of our first ministry home the first week into us being there for holding a Prayer and Worship Night. Ever since then, we have been looking for another place.

    It has been proven to be difficult. But, But …… we FINALLY got another place. Hallelujah, Praise Jesus!!! We signed the contract yesterday. It’s a 3 bedroom and 2 bath place with a large Living Room.

    Pray that everything works out with this flat and that God would move in Cairo like never before.

    Love you all and May God bless you!!!

  • June 28, 2022

    Update on a Ministry Home: Tears turn into joy

    You would not believe this but we lost our previous apartment. 😭

    Yes, we were crying and saying “why LORD?” It was pretty frustrating. But there is always a story that God is writing. The broker that we hired is the story.

    In the end, we got a better place and it did not cost any extra. Whatever we got back from the previous landlord paid for everything. Even the surgery of the man. It was not a coincidence that at times we feel like we need to pray for someone and in this story, it was the broker. And it’s a happy story of how we found a place for ministry.

    I leave you now with the Love of Christ

  • Sep 22, 2022

    Went to Cairo to do some leadership training. Here is a sample Worship Night Program. Also started a mini-library at the house for the community.

  • Oct 16, 2022

    Another visit to do an in-person leadership training. We started a 3-month leadership program. While I was there I ran a Bible D Program Initiative. Here is a quick video of that.

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