Doctrine of Trinity

Trinity is a Christian doctrine that believes that there are three persons in one Godhead. Learn how it evolved through church history. Learn about all the conflicts the church faced and the conclusions they made with the doctrine of the Trinity. Lastly, how it makes sense and how to explain it properly.

Part 1 – There is One God

Part 2 – Three Distinct Persons in the Godhead

Part 3 – The Deity of Christ

Part 4 – The Holy Spirit

Part 5 – Historical Survey: Logos

Part 6 – Historical Survey: Modalism

Part 7 – Historical Survey: Arianism

Part 8 – Historical Survey: Coherence of the Doctrine

Part 9 – 3 Persons, 1 God: How does this work?

Part 10 – The Relationship Between Father, Son, & Holy Spirit

Part 11 – A Plausibility Argument for the Trinity

Seminary Classes

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