Luke 100

This gospel is the first of a two-volume work, with the Acts of the Apostles as the second volume. The author offers readers an orderly account of Christ. The gospel shows the role of Jesus as the Messiah, how He fulfilled the law of Israel, and that He established a new kind of Kingdom. Get to know a clear understanding of the issues and stories within the Gospel of Luke.

Part 1 – Genre of the Gospel

Part 2 – Preface

Part 3 – Introduction

Part 4 – Ministry Begins

Part 5 – New Israel

Part 6 – Mission of Jesus

Part 7 – Review

Part 8 – Traveling Ministry of Jesus, part 1

Part 9 – Traveling Ministry of Jesus, part 2

Part 10 – Traveling Ministry of Jesus, part 3

Part 11 – Final Week, part 1

Part 12 – Final Week, part 2

Part 13 – Final Overview

Seminary Classes

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